Implementation which binds to DockLayoutManager.ItemsSource?

Oct 26, 2012 at 2:12 PM


First of all, thanks for making this project available to public. Since I'm an old-type programmer and not good at WPF, MVVM, Caliburn and those sort of things, the project is much appreciated.


I noticed that an InvalidOperationException occurs when I try to drag a DocumentPanel out of the DocumentGroup in which it exists initially. The exception says:

- Operation is not valid while ItemsSource is in use. Access and modify elements with ItemsControl.ItemsSource instead.


As far as I've searched through the DevExpress site, looks like it can be avoided by binding panels to DockLayoutManager.ItemsSource instead of DocumentGroup.ItemsSource.

Is it possible to change the implementation (or provide new implementation) as in the example?


Thanks in advance!